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In our pursuit of beauty and sustainability, we seek the harmony and distinction of the Nordic landscape. Our designs are deeply rooted in the diverse urban landscape and raw nature surrounding our home in the pulsating heart of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Having begun our journey in 2008, we have been constantly growing and expanding. Today, UMAGE is present in over 2000 stores in 40 countries around the world.
All the stuff in the World that makes life wonderful is made by people who are willing to walk that extra mile to give you an extraordinary experience. In Danish we have a word for that very thing. The word is UMAGE. If you make yourself UMAGE it means that you have done something extra – has made an extra effort. And that is exactly what we try to do every day at UMAGE otherwise it just wouldn’t make sense.

At UMAGE, we take the story of Scandinavian design further than ever before. We combine aesthetics, simplicity and functionality, and infuse it with thoughtful craftsmanship and environmental care. This is the result: exquisite designs with a sustainable edge. All our products are flat-packed in stylish boxes, to optimise global logistics, reduce storage and transportation costs, and to make our designs more accessible and affordable.

Populært i Umage

Bilde av Umage Silvia medium brushed brass
Bilde av Umage tripod gulv, sort
Bilde av Umage Aluvia mini, Anthracite
Bilde av Umage Acorn svart, krom
Bilde av umage Willow mini


Bilde av Umage acorn hvit, krom
Bilde av Umage Silvia Medium


Bilde av Umage Tripod Gulv, hvit
Bilde av Umage oppheng hvit


Bilde av Umage oppheng sort


Bilde av Umage EOS mini white


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